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Tyler Bartfai’s music is genre and time blending, with a playful charisma and a laid-back approach. His lyrics are strong, yet vulnerable, and his vocals have been described as modernly soulful. Tyler writes and performs to help bridge the gap between the audiences and themselves, leaving souls refreshed and loves renewed. A little bit of folk, a little bit of rock & roll, with a splash of the blues.

Whether playing solo, duo, or with his full band, Tyler's live shows have been described as hopeful, transparent, and vulnerable. He always focus on putting the song first, and bringing to light the essence of what he is writing about.

Tyler is working on "Sin & Grace," a three piece album to be release in 2023. He is collaborating with the talented Walter Martella on keys, and Evan Ehgoetz on pedal steel, recording in a quaint log cabin in the woods of Texada Island with Pat Buckna.

Tyler released his debut EP 'Can You Tell' in 2019. Working with 3 time Juno Award winning producer John Webster, Tyler has created a concentrated set of emotionally driven songs that delve below the surface of the feelings of the everyday.  His potent, yet straight ahead lyrics match perfectly with the musicianship of all the players on the project. This includes renowned session drummer Randall Stall, tasteful electric guitar by jazz schooled musician Tristan Paxton, and in the pocket bass by Austin Parise, who has been with Tyler since day one of his musical career. This is tied together seamlessly by keyboardist and producer John. The full EP can be purchased from his music page, as well as on most major music platforms.

Press Quotes

" The music has a way of immersing you, really captivating you with its themes and composition. This release is distinctive. It has a very personal touch – Tyler puts a lot of himself and his art into every line. That, ultimately, is what makes this such a great release. It’s honest, it’s heartfelt, and it’s real." -  Cazzy Lewchuk, Permanent Rain Press

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